Vendor Spotlight with Weddings by Wayde


Vendor Spotlight with Weddings by Wayde

We got to sit down with the amazing, incomparable, super all-around amazing guy, Wayde Salmon, to discuss his Officiating business, Weddings by Wayde. You're going to want to read what he has to say in this week's blog post, trust me!

Let's start with the easy one: Who are you?

I’m Wayde Salmon, a father, a husband, a wedding officiant, travel designer, business owner, and all around super guy! *laughs*

What do you do (other than being awesome of course)?

I work, often called a workaholic because I just keep going and going.

So, why weddings?

I’m in love with love, and weddings are the best place to be around love if you love love. I enjoy seeing my clients in their euphoric moments, and helping them achieve one of life’s greatest milestones.

What is your best part of the wedding day or planning process?

The part of the planning process is the wedding day and seeing all the planning, decisions, discussions, negotiations, and ins and outs come through. It’s amazing to think that so much can go wrong, but then seeing it all go right.

What question do you wish all couples would ask you?

Do you want to be paid in cash? *laughs* Hmm, I don’t know if I have a specific thing I’d like them to ask. Thought about it, but nothing specific comes to mind.

What question do you wish couples would stop asking you?

Is that the best price you can give? Umm, it’s the price I think the service is worth, which is why I have it. Which then makes it the best price I am giving! *laughs*

What’s the one wedding trend you currently love?

Destination weddings! I’m so over banquet hall weddings, so boring! *laughs* Switch it up with something or somewhere amazing!

What’s the one wedding trend you could do without?

As an officiant, I don’t really get into the trends too much, so it doesn’t bother me much. 

What’s the one piece of advice you give all your couples?

Don’t get so caught up in planning your wedding that you forget to plan your marriage!

Wow! What great advice! Thank you so much to Wayde of Weddings by Wayde for sitting down with us today! You can connect to Wayde’s website here or contact us to find out more about our awesome vendors here.