Vendor Spotlight - Samantha the MC


Vendor Spotlight - Samantha the MC

We got to sit down with the amazingly talented Samantha, known in the DJ/MC world as Samantha the MC. Currently working at Digital X, we have had the privilege to work with Samantha and, let me say, it was the best time we've had! Enjoy!

Let's start with the easy one: Who are you?

I’m Samantha, AKA Samantha the MC.

What do you do (other than being awesome of course)?

*laughs* I’m an marketer, but also a female MC in the wedding industry.

So, why weddings?

I kind of fell into the wedding industry. I have a passion and background in music/entertainment and weddings are a great way for me to be expressive and showcase my love for entertaining and dressing up! Weddings are also fun. Everyone is in a great mood and look incredible. Nothing better than that!

What is your favourite part of the wedding day or planning process?

The best part is the actual day of, of course! Seeing the couple dressed up and glowing, surrounded by their favourite people, but I do have to say that meeting the couple’s a few weeks before their wedding to run through the day is also pretty exciting.

What question do you wish all couples would ask you?

Anything they want, especially if it’s for my opinion. I want to be able to put them at ease for their big day. Any question is a great question.

What question do you wish couples would stop asking you?

I’m pleading the fifth!

What’s the one wedding trend you currently love?

Oh my gosh the florals! Any kind of trend that has to do with florals. SO IN LOVE!

What’s the one wedding trend you could do without?

I’m not too sure to be honest. I love everything so this is very hard to answer.

What’s the one piece of advice you give all your couples?

I’m sure they’ve heard it before but take in the entire day. Throughout the day and evening, just stop and take it in. When you’re up at the podium doing your speech, look around. Really take in that moment, because that’s probably the only time you’ll have everyone you love in one room!

Thank you again to Samantha for sitting with us today and chatting about what you do! You can connect to Samantha on Instagram here or us here.