Vendor Spotlight - Copper Creek


Vendor Spotlight - Copper Creek

This week, we were lucky enough to virtually sit down with Christina, one of the many fabulous OnSite Coordinators from Copper Creek Golf Course. We've worked with Christina multiple times, and have loved every second of it! We wanted to sit down with her this week so you can see how amazing her team, and the venue itself, truly is!

Let’s start with an easy one: Who are you and what do you do (other than being awesome of course)?

My name is Christina and I am the Wedding and Events Coordinator with Copper Creek. I handle everything from 40 to 400 person weddings and everything in-between. I also assist with some bridal showers and engagement parties along with our fantastic team.

Tell us a little, or a lot, about your space.

Copper Creek is a stunning venue nestled away among the golf course that adds the elegance and class of a banquet hall, with the peacefulness and serenity of being in a natural setting. With multiple event spaces, each with unique features, we’re able to accommodate just about any group that wish to share their special event with us!

Why should clients choose your gorgeous venue?

Our stellar team works closely with all of our clients from start to finish, making sure all our guests have the best experience possible. Not to mention the gorgeous view from the terrace!

Give us a little literary tour of your venue.

It starts as you pull into the winding driveway that opens up to the clubhouse. As you walk into the spacious foyer, you can head left to the Bistro to grab a bite, or head to the right to check out our Grande Ballroom. Keep going straight ahead and you’ll find the terrace, with a breath taking view of the valley and holes 9 and 10. You can then head down the stairs to our ceremony space, the gazebo, tucked away on the lower terrace. The lower terrace is also the main access point to the Valley View room, with windows all along to take in the landscape. I can picture it all with my eyes closed!

How many guests can your venue accommodate?

We have multiple halls for different events. Our Klienburg Room is a smaller space for intimate gatherings and comfortably holds around 50 guests. The Valley View is the next size up, and fantastic for the mid-size events anywhere from 50 to 120. Our Grande Ballroom is the beautiful showstopper holding up to 450 guests; however, we have tried to accommodate a wider variety of sizes depending on the day, event type, set up, etc.

What makes your venue different from all the others?

I feel our property is a real shining point of the facility. You’re able to enjoy all the perks of being at a gold club without even noticing the golfers are there.

What is your favourite part of the wedding day or planning process?

The ceremony is one of my favourite parts of the day. Watching the couple have their first look of their future spouse coming down the aisle, or first look, gets me every time!

What questions do you wish all couples would ask you?

“Where do Isign?” *laughs* But, honestly, I want the couple to remember themselves on the day. A big question I always get is about how are the guests going to enjoy themselves, but I want the couples to remember and think, “how can we really enjoy ourselves.”

What question do you wish couples would stop asking you?

I think a big one is “will there be enough food?” Not to worry brides and grooms-to-be! We don’t skimp on our portion sizes, and more often than not the menu can end up being too much food! We’re happy to adjust regardless to make sure you’re getting the best day and menu possible.

What’s the one wedding trend you currently love?

There are so many new and gorgeous trends happening right now, it’s hard to pick! I think greenery is a favourite of mine at the moment, like bringing the outdoors in.

What’s the one wedding trend you could do without?

This may already be on the way out, but chair covers would have to be my choice. Sometimes less is more!

What’s the one piece of advice you give all your couples?

Have fun with it! Ultimately this is a celebration because two people fell in love, so enjoy the brief, or not so brief, time of being engaged, and enjoy the ride!

Thank you so much to Christina for sitting down with us for today’s blog! You can contact Christina at Copper Creek here, or us here if you have any questions about any of our other amazing vendors!