Vendor Spotlight - Boundless Weddings


Vendor Spotlight - Boundless Weddings

Lets start with the easy one: Who are you?

Jason Wilton, photographer and WPIC Certified wedding planner at Boundless Productions (Boundless Weddings).

What do you do (other than being awesome of course)?

Our team offers wedding photography and cinematography services for our brides and grooms in the GTA, Los Angeles, and in the Caribbean.

So, why weddings?

There’s nothing more satisfying than the reactions that our couples give us after they see the photo and videos we created for them. I’ve been in the TV production space for quite a while, and though our spots are being broadcasted all over Canada, we don’t connect as much with our corporate clients as we do with our brides

What is your best part of the wedding day or planning process?

Boundless is very organized and accommodating. Once the day is rolling, it’s all systems go, but the preparation and planning is where we shine. Sometimes our clients have a wedding planner (i.e. Jessica Lisi Events), but when they don’t, we tend to be the planning partners with them. It’s something that is outside our lane, but gives our clients a bit of relief. I’m proud that we can help more than expected.

What question do you wish all couples would ask you?

I love when we’re asked about our business practices, insurance, and our turn around times. We’re in an industry filled with freelancers, and part timers; this can be dangerous for our couples who don’t understand that they are responsible for everyone in the wedding. Liability insurance, and equipment insurance, is the most undervalued part of teaming up with a professional photography company.

What question do you wish couples would stop asking you?

It’s hard to say, really. Each couple is new at this, and most of them have never planned an event before.This means that their questions might be repetitive, but if it’s a thought, I’d rather allow them to ask everything so that it’s open and transparent.

What’s the one wedding trend you currently love?

Photo booths! Although my planners course instructor said that booths are on the out, I LOVE that it gives a “thing” for the guests to do, and to remember years in the future. We stopped offering it, but I think it’s one of the BEST things to add to your cocktail hour, or dancing time. Close runner up: Doughnut Walls.

What’s the one wedding trend you could do without?

Sending out invitations in snail mail. With technology the way it is, this tradition seems so outdated. Classic, and I know WHY it’s still there, but it’s something that I feel no one will ever miss.

What’s the one piece of advice you give all your couples?

First: Do you. Don’t get sucked into trends, norms, or what other people ask. Some people will LOVE it, some people will HATE it, but it’s your day and you can’t please everyone.

Second: Hire a wedding planner, and don’t worry about the extra cost because the price of sanity is invaluable. In fact, full wedding planners can actually end up being basically free. For example, we give tens of thousands of discounts off to our wedding planner’s clients.

Third: The day flies by; it doesn’t have to… Be mindful, live in the moment, look around and mentally recap each secion of the day and for the love of goodness DO NOT STRESS ABOUT YOUR WALK, DANCE OR SPEECH! You’ll be thinking about that all day and not living in the now. By the time your speech is over, your day is almost done, and you wasted it by thinking about the future.

Thank you so much to Jason of Boundless Productions for taking the time to sit with us today and chat! You can connect to Boundless Productions here or us here.