Top 5 Wedding Planning Myths Debunked


Top 5 Wedding Planning Myths Debunked

Whether you’re a wedding planning a bride or a groom, weddings are such a symbol of love, hope, devotion and future. With all this beauty surrounding weddings, and expectations, there are so many wedding myths out there that are sometimes so engrained into society that you don’t even realize they’re there. That’s why we decided to write today’s blog! We wanted to really take a look at some of these myths and give you our two cents, so to speak! Here is our Top 5 Wedding Planning Myths Debunked!

  1. You need to have a white gown; something old/new/borrowed/blue/six pence in your shoe; your dad walk you down the aisle; etc.: Nope! No to all of it! Traditions do not need to be followed to the letter, they’re just nice to have. White wedding gowns are beautiful, but I’ll be honest, watching a bride walk down in a blush wedding dress always makes me stare, and this would be the same for other coloured dresses as well. The superstition of something old/new/borrowed/blue/six pence is sweet, but doesn’t necessarily suit you, so why would you follow it? And it’s the same for other traditional items that people may throw your way.
  2. Hiring Talented Friends is the same as Hiring Professionals: This comes up so often that the back of my business card says “If you think it’s expensive hiring a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” It’s extremely true for any vendor! Professionals know what to do if something goes wrong at a moments notice. I have a pretty expensive camera but I don’t know the first thing about taking professional photographs. My profession is wedding planning, and that’s what I stick to! You should follow the same belief for your vendors.
  3. A Wedding Planner is Too Expensive: Not only does the answer for the second myth work here, but so does the reminder of how much money a wedding planner will also save you, not only in recommending other vendors that are perfect for you and will save you money, but also be able to fix any issue that may arise because of their years of experience. Why would you pay tens of thousands of dollars for a beautiful wedding and not have the insurance only a wedding planner can offer?
  4. You MUST do (insert item here): So my question here is ‘why?’ Why do you have to do anything if it’s your wedding? You do what you want, need, and feel comfortable doing. Sometimes people can suggest something that would be nice to have, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have it.
  5. Your Bridal Party Must be Even: Who even notices if your bridal party is even or not? Bring on the people who you love and want to be by your side, whether even or not. Everything can be made beautiful, and an uneven bridal party is no different! My absolute favourite is when your mixing up the men and women in the bridal party. Why can’t a bride have her best guy friend as her bridesmaid, and a groom have his best girl friend as a groomsmen?

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