Top 5 Things We’ve Learned since Becoming a Wedding Planner


Top 5 Things We’ve Learned since Becoming a Wedding Planner

I have been lucky enough to be an event planner for the last ten years, but blessed to be a wedding planner at my own business for the last four and a half years. In case you haven’t read my story, it all started off as not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, and somehow ending up going to school for Public Relations. From there, the corporate events began, but it wasn’t until I lost my mother-in-law that I started Jessica Lisi Events. Since there, I have learned so much about weddings, the planning, and the different types of families that are out there, yet that everyone seems to have! It is why we’ve decided to write this week’s blog. Here are our Top 5 Things We’ve Learned since Becoming a Wedding Planner.

  1. Couples Tend to Forget the Vendors: And not in a bad way, but if you have vendors with you during your dinner, you not only need to feed them, but you also need to feed them in the same room as your guests. Not only does it make things flow so much easier, but you don’t want your vendors running around, missing that one special photo by accident because they’re in a different room eating their dinner.
  2. You’re Stressing Out: If you find yourself stressing out, whether it be early in the planning or closer to your wedding day, you are the type of person who needs a wedding planner! The main reason wedding planners are by your side is to make sure you’re not stressed out over anything, plus, of course, that added level of insurance to make sure nothing goes wrong.
  3. You Don’t Give Yourself Enough Time: This happens a LOT! Couples don’t realize how much time it takes to get hair and makeup done, or to decorate, or to take bridal party photos, and think that all this can be done in a couple of hours. Not true! You want things to be perfect, especially since you’re paying a lot of money for it, so make sure that you have enough time to get everything done.
  4. Speeches are Great, but There is Such Thing as Too Many: or too long! Your reception is going to be tight, especially since you don’t want your food to be cold once it’s served, or served and cleared while speeches or dances are happening. How do you solve this? You either give people a time limit, or you do not let those that can talk forever get their hands on the microphone.
  5. Traditions are Great but Not Needed: If you don’t like or feel comfortable with the tradition, don’t have it! This could be songs being played, the groom going up your wedding dress to get the garter, or specific dances! Remember, this is your wedding, so you do what you want!

Of course, we could keep going with this list, but we want you to contact us and find out more about us and what else we’ve learned! Chat soon!