Top 5 Popular Bar Items for Your Sweet & Savoury Table


Top 5 Popular Bar Items for Your Sweet & Savoury Table

We all love it: ending the night with something sweet, so why wouldn’t we do the same for our wedding? Sweet and savoury stations, your midnight buffet, whatever it is that you want to call it, we always want it to be different and creative, yet still something that really resonates with you! Whether it’s something you love, or something that you did with your fiancée on a date, or you want to do something but don’t know what, this blog will help you figure it out! Here are our Top 5 Popular Bar Items for Your Sweet & Savoury Table!

  1. Popcorn Bar: Who doesn’t love popcorn! You can have a mixture of sweets, savouries, or amazing flavours to really spice it up! Tell your guests to pair them with some alcoholic beverages, or with their coffees and teas, to really pump up the flavour.
  2. Make Your Own Sundae Bar: Who every said ‘no’ to ice cream? No one because we all SCREAM for ice scream! Have a whole bunch of different toppings to allow your guests to make their own and really showcase your love of ice cream.
  3. Cotton Candy Machine: Depending on your event or theme, a cotton candy machine will really make it pop! Have someone create different colours and flavours that suit your event and have them made fresh to order. Yum!
  4. Milk & Cookies: I know, such a simple idea, but your guests will really love it! Have a variety of cookies, and even a variety of milks (some non-alcoholic and some alcoholic), and watch your guests feel like kids again as their surrounded by your love.
  5. Food Truck: Want something really different? Hire your favourite food truck to cater your serve your guests your favourite items right off the truck!

Well, now we’re hungry… Contact us today for your free initial consultation where we promise to have something for you to munch on after reading this blog!