Top 3 Common Mistakes Couples Make When Hiring a Decorator


Top 3 Common Mistakes Couples Make When Hiring a Decorator

I have been known to be very biased on the subject on common mistakes people make when hiring a decorator. Why? I’ve worked with plenty of decorators over the years and have only loved working with a handful. You may ask me “why” again, and it’s simple: professionalism! The horror stories I have… well, that will be for another blog, and although I could list a hundred mistakes couples make when hiring a decorator, I’m going to write about my Top 3!

  1. Budget: I understand, we all have a budget, but don’t expect to spend a small amount of money yet have the grandest of décor at your wedding. A decorator who charges less than $3,000 for a 200 person wedding will not give you the creativity and expertise that you deserve! Don’t settle for less, ever!
  2. Expecting the Moon: This I’ll need to explain. When a decorator states that they can do a “room flip” in an hour or less, unless it is the simplest of flips, it is simply impossible! Granted, nothing ever runs on time, but I have yet to witness a room flip happen in less than 90 minutes, and that’s even with simple flips. This could also be with certain materials and items. Don’t expect to get roses near Valentine’s Day for a fraction of the cost; those flowers will be brown and wilted!
  3. One Dimensional Vision: No one wants the same décor that everyone else has, so don’t hire or meet with a decorator whose last few weddings have all looked the same. You have what you want, need, and love, so hire a decorator who has that same love for their work and vision as you.

There you have it! Remember to contact us today for our opinion on the best decorators in the GTA, or for your free, initial consultation!