Top 10 Most Unique Weddings Venues in the GTA


Top 10 Most Unique Weddings Venues in the GTA

Oh, how I have been waiting to write this blog, and super excited about it too! We get to travel around Ontario for our couples and their weddings, and we get to see so many amazing venues, but when I’m thinking about truly unique venues, ones that really stand out against the rest, these are the ones that I recommend to my clients. Here are my Top 10 Most Unique Wedding Venues across the GTA.

1. Evergreen Brick Works: Okay, yes, it’s a very popular venue, but have you seen how beautiful their spaces are? Lush ravines, heritage buildings, exposed bricks, and various rooms being able to hold any sized wedding! My favourite part: their hands-on approach that connects “nature, culture and community.”

2. The Great Hall: Looking for a venue that has it all? This is your venue! Each room has its own vibe, from something that’s elegant and classy, to industrial and sheik, to the Avenue that reminds me of an old-school club. Depending on your look, the Great Hall has it in spades!

3. The Archeo: Located in the heart of the Distillery District, the Archeo has an outdoor patio and an indoor restaurant that reminds me of a modern wine bar with exposed brick and wooden beams. Looking for a wedding that feels like a cocktail-style reception, something classic and low-key? Then this is the venue for you! And, if you’re into food that is art (Check out our Spring 2020 Wedding Trends Blog for why we’re bringing it up), then this is the place for you!

4. The Burroughes: Okay, so I’m a bit biased because I’ve worked here multiple times, but the Burroughes is a superb venue to check out! In the heart of Toronto, right on Queen Street, this venue has two rooms, where they use one as the ceremony space and the other as your main reception, both holding a modern twist on rustic charm. Plus, they have a rooftop patio just for you! And, if you’ve spoken to any other vendor about the Burroughes, ask them about their elevator! It’s a weird item to bring up, but it adds to the Burroughes charm.

5. York Mills Gallery (YMG): The reason why YMG is on my top 10 list is because it’s basically an open space that you can turn into any theme or look you want. From the ceiling’s string lights of exposed bulp, to their modern bar, to their concrete floors (not a centimetre of carpet in the place), YMG is the perfect venue if you want something modern with the capability to be turned into anything you want.

6. Eglinton Grand: Everyone’s heard about this 1920’s movie theater in Toronto turned event venue, but if you haven’t gone inside, you’re missing out! Everything feels like you’ve been transported back in time as soon as you walk in, but when you walk up those stairs to get to the main hallway, that’s when your breath is truly taken from you. It may seem like you’re in a venue from the 1920s, but it still has that modern feel to it. You don’t need to have a themed wedding to be at the Eglinton Grand, you just need a vision.

7. Berkeley Field House: I can’t even explain how amazing this venue is without copying exactly what they have on their website, because it’s the truth! “With a main rustic vibe that invokes a country carriage house, the Berkeley Field House is the only indoor and outdoor event venue where you can have cocktails in a treehouse, stroll along a creek, and gather with others surrounded by a homespun natural garden.”

8. The Gladstone Hotel: The reason why I love the Gladstone is not only because it operates as a hotel as well as a venue, but it has a modern, art-deco feel. Contemporary art hangs on it’s walls, the brick is exposed with stunning crown moulding, hardwood floors, and a fully-restored hand-operated elevator is what this landmark Victorian building is all about!

9. Artscape Wychwood Barns: This is the coolest venue I have ever had the chance to work at. It is a century-old streetcar facility that was redesigned and transformed into an amazing event space perfect for you! It’s one of those venues I cannot explain, it has to be seen by you in order to fully appreciate the amazingness of it!

10. Liberty Grand: If you haven’t been to Liberty Grand, you must see it. From the outside, it looks like you’re walking into an amazing museum, but once you walk inside the venue… WOW! In the middle of the venue is a gorgeous, outdoor garden. You then have the option for various rooms that all boost something different, whether you want the modern, open ceiling, or chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and so much more!

There you have it, readers! Just because we came up with ten venues, doesn’t mean we couldn’t give you ten others that would be just as perfect for you! Contact us today so we can help you plan your wedding and find you the venue that’s perfectly suited for your vision and your day!