Top 10 FAQs


Top 10 FAQs

Do you know why we love wedding planning so much? It honestly has nothing to do with the dress, or the décor, or the food. No. For us, the reason why we love wedding planning so much is for that special moment when you see this beautiful couple who truly love each other promise themselves to the other. For us, it’s those few precious seconds of “I do” that make us come back to planning weddings over and over again. It’s those two words that make us forget the stress, the aggravation, the worries of making your day magical because we get to witness love in its purest form over and over again.

That may sound like a rant, I know, but it helps us explain who we are, and why the wedding planners at Jessica Lisi Events do what we do. That’s why we decided to write this frequently asked questions blog for you today, so we can truly answer the questions we’re always asked. The number one question is always why we do what we do! Here is our “Top 10 FAQs.”

  1. Why do I need a planner? I can plan my own wedding!: A lot of couples love planning their own wedding, I was one of them, but having a day-of coordinator is that extra bit of insurance that, after all that planning and money put in, it would be silly not to have. We have worked weddings where vendors did not show up on the day, or cancelled a couple of days before the wedding. Your day-of coordinator, however, will have a roster of vendors you can contact to make sure you still have the wedding of your dreams. Plus, we take away all the stress of having to work on your own wedding by doing it all for you.
  2. Can I afford a wedding planner?: Would you buy a house without a realtor? Would you live in that house without home insurance? No! You leave that extra protection up to the professionals, and your wedding day is no different.
  3. What if you’re sick on my wedding day?: Just like all of my other vendors, I have a backup plan, and a backup to my backup plan. We wouldn’t be the 2017 Wedding Planner of the Year by the WPIC if we didn’t!
  4. What if you double book my date?: We have a team of amazing wedding planners working for Jessica Lisi Events. If your date is already booked, we will tell you the truth, and have you meet one of our amazing planners to work at your wedding. We believe in 100% honesty throughout the process, from when we meet to when we say goodbye at the end of your wedding.
  5. Will you try to push the highest package on me?: Never! When we meet for the first time, we will go through your entire day. We will suggest which package we think would be best for you, and why we believe the other packages won’t be beneficial to you, but at the end of the day it’s completely up to you which package is best. All we can do is suggest, but you will always make the final decision.
  6. Do you get a commission for using your preferred vendors?: Never! We are WPIC Certified, which means that our body of wedding planners aren’t allowed to take or give any kind of kickbacks. We recommend vendors solely based on their merit and how they are with their clients. Plus, its completely up to you if you hire them, we only recommend.
  7. What makes your service different from other wedding planners?: We have been dubbed the “no bullshit wedding planner,” but if that isn’t enough, we give you that luxury wedding planning with a personal touch. We get to know our clients, and have actually become friends with a lot of our past clients because of that personal touch.
  8. Can we hire you as soon as we get engaged or should we wait?: That is completely up to you! Granted, I am biased, but in my opinion it should go venues, wedding planner, décor, photo/video, etc. If you’re looking for someone to plan your wedding, then the earlier the better, but if you’re looking for day-of coordination, then the earlier the better to make sure we have your date. At minimum, however, at least three months before your date.
  9. How do I book my wedding date with you?: After meeting and signing a contract, we ask for a $200 non-refundable deposit to hold your wedding date. Once that’s done, your date is booked!
  10. What does a wedding planner do before the wedding?: For day-of coordination, we view all your contracts to make sure you get exactly what you paid for on your wedding days, and then contact all your vendors to make sure your day is perfectly worked out so none of your vendors overlap when they don’t have to. We make sure all the vendors are on the same page so your day is the way you want it to be.