Jessica’s Level of Geekery in Wedding Planning


Jessica’s Level of Geekery in Wedding Planning

It’s weird: when meeting new clients, we’re asked what our area of geekery is in wedding planning. Even though we’re asked a quarter of the time, it still makes us smile when clients want to know more about us. Why? Because not only does it show interest, but it shows that the client wants to make sure that we will get along really well! You should never hire any vendor that you don’t get along with or else you will not enjoy your wedding day!

So, what is our level of geekery? Well, our type-A personality makes it all about the timeline. We break down our timeline from the moment the bride wakes up, to the moment they are no longer at the reception venue. We state when every vendor starts and finishes, when speeches, dances, entertainment, and meals will be served, and our timeline is broken down in fifteen minute intervals. We find that vendors respond well to knowing what is going to happen so they can be as prepared as we are on your big day!

Not only that, but we also include all the vendor information and make sure that every vendor has that information!

This level of geekery is absolutely perfect, and needed, for day-of coordination’s! Without it, your vendors may not be as informed as you need them to be, and the more information everyone knows, the smoother the day will go.

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