A Day in the Life of a Planner


A Day in the Life of a Planner

Today’s blog post idea comes from a reader, and I love it! I love when our readers want us to recommend a certain blog post that their interested in hearing about! We were asked by Carrie to write a blog about the day in the life of a planner. Now, I could write about what I do during my consultation days, but really, who wants to read about that? So, instead, I’ll write about what happened during a June wedding we just had a few weeks ago for our beautiful couple, Valerie & Carlos.

The day started off wonderfully! Makeup by Stephanie and her team arrived at Stephanie’s house to get the girls all dolled up, and OMG Events had dropped off the Groomsmen’s boutonnieres to the Groom and the bouquets to the Bride, were already at the Venetian to get the reception site ready, and my assistant and I were at the ceremony site to make sure that everything was set up there.

Once the groomsmen arrived, we got them to start escorting the guests to their seats once they arrived, bringing the guests of the bride to the left of the room, and the guests of the groom to the right. The bride and her bridal party arrived exactly as planned, however, the bride had forgotten her bouquet at home. Quick thinking got into overdrive, and I went inside, grabbed some florals from the large arrangements OMG Events provided, and made a quick-shift bouquet for the bride, wrapped in white ribbon the limo driver had in his car. Everything was back on track.

Once the couple were officially husband and wife, my assistant went with the couple to their photoshoot to make sure everything was going well over there, and I went to the Venetian to make sure everything was running smoothly there. Everything was set up and absolutely beautiful, I was honestly amazed at what the brains behind OMG Events were able to put together for this beautiful couple! All the vendors were onsite, including the amazing MC and DJ from Digital X, the guests were starting to arrive, and the bridal party was already in the receiving line greeting guests.

Then, in a blink of an eye, there was a mistake. The Maid of Honour, who was in charge of the seating chart and guest list, forgot to add approximately fifteen guests off the list. Again, quick thinking had to be had, and we were able to find seats for all the guests. Once everything was sorted, the evening was able to go on!

A couple of other hickups happened throughout the night, like the Bride and Groom being too shy to say thank you to their guests, or the Maid of Honour misplacing the key to the bridal suite, forgetting she gave it to one of the bridesmaids without realising it, but once everything was sorted, like always, the party continued!

The life of a planner is always interesting, but it’s the quick thinking that breaks the professionals apart from the amateurs. I can’t wait to hear all about your wedding! Happy planning!